Sunday 7 May 2017


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BBQ Wholesale's Facebook Contest 
To join, simply LIKE, SHARE & state your answer in the Facebook post comment. 3 very observant winner will walk away with FREE chicken satay each.
Contest End on 20th May 2017

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Saturday 6 May 2017

BBQ Wholesale Mother's Day Special Deal | $10 OFF

How do I enjoy BBQ promotion?
Mother's Day promotion is applicable for customers who place an order between 7 to 14 May at Usual Price $49.50. Promo Price $39.50. Promotion is strictly for online purchase only.

What is included in Mother's Day Deal Set?
  1. Raw Chicken Satay (50 sticks)
  2. Satay Sauce (1 packet)
  3. BBQ Chicken Chop (1 packet)
  4. Holland Potato in Foil (1 packet)
  5. Mini Eclair (1 packet)
If my BBQ event is only in July, am I eligible for the promotion if I order within 7 to 14 May?
Yes, promotion is valid as long as purchase date is within 7 to 14 May via our website.

How many sets of the Mother's Day BBQ Deal Set can each person purchase?
BBQ Wholesale does not restrict the number of BBQ deal set each person can buy.

Is delivery provided?
BBQ Wholesale provides island-wide delivery. Delivery fee usually ranges between $12 to $30 depending on location. Alternatively, may collect at our pickup point at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209.

BBQ Wholesale Promotion Mother's Day Special

Thursday 13 April 2017

April Facebook Contest - Spot Chicken Drumlet & Stand a Chance to WIN FREE Satay

BBQ Wholesale is throwing Facebook Contest again!

Stand a chance to win our delicious chicken Satay if you guess correctly number of Chicken Drumlet at below image. Contest is only valid via our facebook page

Contest end on 22nd April 2017


Tuesday 5 April 2016

[BBQ April Contest] WIN CHICKEN SATAY - BBQ Wholesale Centre Singapore


5 lucky winner stands a chance to win 50 sticks of raw chicken satay if you can spot the difference in the image below.

Planning for Barbecus session soon? Now is a great opportunity to win free chicken satay! Save up for BBQ sessions!

To take part in this contest:
1) LIKE BBQ Wholesale Centre's Page
2) Post your answer in comment below (e.g. 99 Differences)
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4) Share out this post

Contest closes on 22nd April 2016, FIVE Lucky Winners will be announced on 23rd April 2016!

This contest is brought to you by BBQ Wholesale Centre.
 BBQ Wholesale Singapore Facebook April Contest

Saturday 9 January 2016

Stand to Win $100 BBQ Voucher by BBQ Wholesale Centre

WIN $100 BBQ Voucher!!

*** Promo valid between 9th to 15th January 2016***

How to Win $100 Barbecue Voucher?

1) Like BBQ Wholesale Page
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How will Winner be notified?
Our lucky winner will be notified via email & blast on this page

What does $100 Voucher entails
Valid for 1 year and is applicable for purchase at BBQ Wholesale Centre.

Saturday 10 January 2015

7 Delicious Recipes To Try On Your Next Barbecue Party

1) BBQ Burger Biscuit
This recipe starts with an easy Do-It-Yourself biscuit mix that you may prepare beforehand at at home. (Then at the BBQ site, just add water and heat.) If your lazy to do the biscuit mix, you can also substitute with English muffins, which is conveniently located at all major supermarket. Get the recipe.
BBQ Burger Biscuits

2) BBQ Buritos
You may prepare your buritos at home, filled it with your favorite ingredient such as sausage, egg, potato, and cheese — then reheat them over the fire. Get the recipe here

3) BBQ Pizza Nachos
Need I say more? The more cheese the merrier! Yummy definitely makes an awesome appetizer. Ingredient list here.

Pizza Nachos
4) BBQ Mushroom
Mushroom is complement all dishes, have it top a burger or as a side dish. Get recipe here
Campfire Mushrooms
5) Fire-Roasted Salmon With Herbs and Lemon

6) BBQ Quesadillas
This versatile dish is suitable for any topping, be it tomatoes, cheese, mushroom or chicken. My suggestion, add a lot of cheese to have Quesadillas melts. Instruction here.

Camping Quesadillas

7) BBQ Banana S’mores
This awesome dish is suitable for all S'more lovers. Simply split the bananas in the middle, add loads of mini marshmallow and chocolate chips, wrap it with aluminium foil. Let BBQ fire do the rest.

Banana S'mores

All you need is to prepare topping and let the guests prepare the rest! View recipe here
Campfire Cones

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Different Type of Charcoals available in Singapore

Which types of charcoals should you use?

It is well-known among many experienced and aspiring cooks that charcoal can imparts the flavour to the foods. Rice tastes better when cooked over a charcoal fire. In addition to marinates, BBQ meats get extra desirable smoky flavour when cooked above the burning charcoal. It must be remembered that all charcoal is created from the same thing – wood burned in low oxygen environment. 

Now, what is the best charcoal for grilling? There are strictly no right and wrong answer to this question. Ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference and the types of charcoal suited for certain purposes.

 (1) Lump Charcoal

Absolutely 100% Natural made, meaning it contain no fillers or additives. It is simply made by burning wood without the presence of oxygen. It can come in the shape of broken, small and short logs. Most commercially available packed in 3-5 kilograms at most supermarkets. Many chefs love it for its versatility and inexpensive price tag. There are two types of lump charcoal available.

Black charcoal – Most common type of lump charcoal you see at all supermarkets.
White charcoal (Binchōtan) – Japanese charcoal, it has the attributes similar to metals; makes sonorous sound and is extremely hard.

Pros: 100% Natural. Burns hot and fast. Mostly cheap. Produces less ash than briquettes.
Cons: Many small pieces of charcoals can be found for low-end packages.

(2) Charcoal Briquettes

Hexagonal shaped charcoal briquettes
Mostly made from sawdust and without binding additives. Like its name suggests, it has a hexagonal intersection and a hole in the centre of the briquettes. It is mainly valued for being smokeless and long burning time.

Pros: Efficient storage. Burns at a consistent heat and longer time. Even heat distribution. Mostly cheap.
Cons: Takes longer to ignite.
Hexagonal shaped charcoal briquettes

Pillow shaped charcoal briquettes
The basic pressed charcoal import brands can be found at some supermarket in Singapore. If you wanted a large selection of different briquettes, you might have to explore bit further into specialised BBQ shops in Singapore. Compressed charcoal are factory made using wood by-products such as sawdust and scrap wood, along with chemical additives.

Pros: Generally lasts longer than other types of charcoal. Each piece is at same shape and size. Burns at a consistent heat.
Cons: Briquettes are laden with binding additive and other additive. Generally expensive in Singapore.

Pillow Shaped Charcoal Briquettes
The gist of this article is that you can dish out a delicious meal from using your charcoal with any type of charcoal. Keep in mind that different types of charcoal have their different advantages and disadvantages. If you are throwing barbecue event and require long cooking time, generally briquettes is preferred. However for small barbeque party, lump charcoal should suffice.